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Peter, When I Knew Him - 16x12 by James

Commissioning a portrait is "a journey where the essence of your loved one is translated through the lens of an artist to create a unique and incomparable work of art for generations to enjoy."[Royal Society of Portrait Painters]

Whether you would like a lasting legacy of yourself, your family, your partner, your children, or even your pets, commissioning a portrait is simple.

Beginning the process

Before putting brush to canvas, we invite you to discuss the details of the portrait you envision - the size, number and placement of subjects, the setting and the overall impression or feeling you would like to convey. 


Developing the concept

We work from life and from photographs.  If working from life, we typically require in-person sittings and we would discuss and agree the number and duration of each with you before commencing.  Working from photographs, which we prefer to take ourselves, we can typically collect sufficient images in a single one to two hour time period.  Providing your own photographs as references for us to use is always an option.

Collaborating with our clients

We believe that the foundation for a successful portrait is collaboration. Early in the process, we prepare a preliminary  compositional sketch for your consideration, which can then be refined  before proceeding with the actual painting.  In this way, we both have an agreed reference for the finished artwork. 

Painting the portrait

The actual painting of a portrait can take anywhere from three to six to nine months or longer, depending on the size and complexity of the work ((head, head and shoulders, three quarter length, full length, background), the painting method (alla prima or traditional glazing), whether it is monochrome, a limited palette or full colour.  At key points in the development of the portrait, images can be provided to ensure the final painting meets your expectations.


Portrait costs vary based on a number of factors, principally the size of the painting, the number of individuals to be included, and the overall complexity of the work.  The number and location of sittings can also influence the cost.  Our price for a 16 inch by 12 inch portrait starts at $1,600.  Other expenses such as framing and delivery are extra.   


Commitment to quality and your satisfaction  

​We use the finest artist oil colours and mediums, and offer you the choice of portraits painted on birch panel, canvas or Belgian linen.  Our goal is to provide you with a treasured work of art that will last many lifetimes - one that brings you joy.  

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