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Artist Statement

I paint in oils and my interests span all subjects: portraiture, figurative works, landscapes and still life. My goal is a realist representation, tinged with illusion. As an amateur cellist, music is always playing in my studio and is often an inspiration.


Once I've settled on a concept, subject or theme, I plan my paintings, focusing on the triumvirate of value, hue and chroma.  I follow a traditional academic approach, beginning with a drawing (charcoal or graphite), followed by a monochrome underpainting (grisaille or verdaccio) over which I apply body colour. Brushwork and colour choices are dictated by the visual impact I seek to convey.

Self Portrait of the Artist as a Younger


Jacinta O'Brien is a Toronto-based artist working primarily in oils.  Born in Cork, Ireland, she emigrated to Canada with her parents as a very young child. She received instruction in the classical 19th century realist traditions of drawing and painting from Graham Bibby at The Studio Academy in Toronto, and has continued her education by attending specialist workshops given by contemporary masters. She exhibits her works jointly with James Joe under the banner of Atelier Imprimatura and a number of her paintings are in private collections. 

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