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Artist Statement

James L. Joe creates art for art's sake. There is no greater pleasure than doing something because it brings you joy other than perhaps having someone else to share it with you.


While he enjoys all types of art he gravitates toward realism. His goal, though, is not to make an exact copy (a photograph can do that) but to capture the spirit and essence of the scene, and to make people and places come "alive" by infusing his artistic interpretation through form, composition, and light‎.

A Grain of Sand on the Side of the Grand


James L. Joe is a Toronto-based realist artist working primarily in oil and charcoal. Born in small-town Ontario, Canada, he had two passions while growing up -- nature and art.


James pursued a career in environmental studies but always left space for oil painting through continuing education programs, self-study, and attending selective workshops conducted by internationally-recognized masters of our time. He exhibits jointly with Jacinta O'Brien and works on commissions under the banner of Atelier Imprimatura.

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